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Hi, The R2 support requires premium version but I would like to evaluate this feature before upgrading. Could you please at least create a video or a set of screenshots illustrating how to use this feature?

By the way a general question, I use LiteSpeed Cache without their CDN, but still doing some optimizations. Would there be possible conflict between these two plugins, yours and LSC?

There isn't a whole lot on the front-end for the R2 stuff (it's more backend "magic"). But here's a few screenshots of it running:

Setup is point and click:



There's a migration tool that allows you to move existing stuff to R2 (or from R2 back to local if you want for whatever reason):


Media stored in R2 get an orange cloud so you can quickly see what's in R2 and what's not:


For any existing media item, under the "Edit more details" you have an option to "Move from R2 to local" (if it's in R2) and "Move from local to R2" if it's not:


For administrators of multisite installations, you can use a single R2 bucket to store media across all the sites if you want (setup is similar, but it's under the multisite network admin area, and won't apply to individual sites).

Basically you end up with your Media stored in R2 (if you want), so anything that uses the normal WordPress Media system will be able to leverage it (there isn't a separate UI for it).

As far as LiteSpeed Cache, it should work fine (even if you had the CDN enable, but you would be effectively having a cache for a cache which is rather pointless [even if it technically works]).

If you have any other questions, let me know...
Thanks for the reply. It's what I needed (the workflow). Regarding the migration, there's no "internal" migration built in the migration tool as I understand? I mean fixing the URLs in the posts, pages and other possible places like templates, woocommerce products and other where a link to the library is possibly used?

Would be possible to have the R2 stats integrate some pricing?

Your plugin is relatively expensive comparing to e.g. the Media Cloud plugin. Would there be a chance to create a limited and cheaper R2 only plugin or offer maybe a lite/pro version of your plugin with less/more features?
If you were using direct URLs (rather than things like Media blocks), correct… it doesn’t try to figure out places you used those URLs (those could be anywhere, even on other sites). If you stuck to using media blocks, you shouldn’t need to change anything and the media URLs used underneath it all will automatically change as needed. Either way, it probably makes sense for someone to setup HTTP redirects in case there is some place that someone forgot where they didn’t use media blocks if they migrate existing media to R2.

It wouldn’t be *too* hard to automatically calculate R2 pricing since it’s very straightforward (no bandwidth costs or anything), although to be honest I’m not sure how much value there really is and would also need to keep up with Cloudflare if they changed pricing or started offering different pricing in different regions (they aren’t currently, but who knows).

There isn’t any plans to spin just the R2 stuff into its own plugin. As far as pricing goes, I think the Media Plugin is monthly (unless I’m thinking of something else), where this one is not (works forever with a single purchase). If that’s the case I guess it depends on how long someone plans on having a site, because paying monthly or annually eventually costs more.