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Error license


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Hi, I inserted the license after purchasing the plugin but R2 is still blocked and says that the license is not active.


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I checked the logs for the license server. It looks like the hostname franz*****.net is the one trying to validate the license. I can change it to that for you, or if is the right hostname, check the site settings under WP Admin -> Settings -> General (the hostname is coming from the Address URL from your settings there).
Oh, I see what's going on... sorry, I was confused about what is. It does look like the license hostname includes www., but the site isn't using www. I fixed the hostname on your license, so it should work (will either take a few minutes or you can go reenter the license for it to validate immediately.

BTW - the subscriptions are tied to hostnames, so it did require your subscription to be canceled. If you want to redo your subscription, you can with the "Extend" button on your license page:

Also, I deleted your post that included your license key (not a great idea to post that for all to see). :)