App for Cloudflare® Pro

App for Cloudflare® Pro 1.8.4

Where do I put my license info?

It’s on the same page that you enter your API token, specifically:


You can navigate to it, from the admin area by going to Serttings -> Cloudflare (it’s also available in the opposite navigation… Cloudflare -> Settings).
It just occurred to me that you wouldn’t see the license key entry option if you don’t have the Pro plugin installed. Make sure that gets installed as well (the Pro version gets installed in addition to the free version… it adds functionality).

If that’s the case, you can download it from your license page:

Oh! I missed that the button on the left was a download button!

Maybe its just cause I'm an idiot, but I think it would have been more obvious to me if it was on the right, or just had text next to 'view license' that says 'download plugin' or something. ;)
Ya... I tried to work it into the layout to make it more obvious, the problem I was running into is if you are on a mobile device, there just isn't enough room (width-wise) for a big blatant, "Click here to download" link without making it have ugly/weird wrapping issues. I did at least change the verbiage of the license emails that go out so it explicitly says you can download the plugin like so:

You can always access your license(s) and downloads on the license info page of your account.

That should hopefully at least get people in the right ballpark.

The reason it's on the line of the license and not at the top of that page is the licensing system potentially works for multiple different products, so having download links at the top of the page doesn't really work from a UI standpoint when you could have 5 or 10 *completely different* product licenses.

You can also download from the updates page (although doesn't really help in this case since it's buried a little), here:®-pro.1/updates

Certainly open to any other ideas, if you have any. The goal most definitely is to make it as easy as possible for people without sacrificing the ability for everything to look okay regardless of the type of device they are on. :)
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